Writer's Life

Me, You, Step One, Step Two

I was on a stage with an eager audience watching my every move.  My heart raced inside my chest as I tried valiantly to remain composed.  A microphone was placed in front of me, as a pianist to my side was poised to begin.  Once the first chord of a pleasant melody reverberated over my… Continue reading Me, You, Step One, Step Two

The Craft


It's no secret that I'm a worrier. If there are clouds in the sky and the meteorologist calls for no rain, I still carry around an umbrella.  I insistently ask if a sick loved one is okay throughout the day until they are better.  When I am asked about future decisions, I stutter my way… Continue reading Drifting

Writer's Life

Lost, Searching, and Broke

Millennials are stereotyped into being spoiled brats who backpack anywhere and everywhere when they need to “rediscover” themselves.  They travel to distant lands and blog about philosophical things as they reflect on their lives up until that point.  They are the ones with the “selfies” and ‘#blessed’ on their photo with them standing on Machu… Continue reading Lost, Searching, and Broke