Writer's Life

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I woke up in a cold sweat on a warm night. My eyes scanned the room for any perceived threat, my breathing labored. There was only the fan blowing humid air around the bedroom.   ‘Why? I thought I dealt with that side of me,’ my thoughts flitted around my mind. ‘I’m not that kind… Continue reading Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Writer's Life

Reforming Patience and Self-Love

I’m hard on myself, I must admit. I had to learn new concepts quickly. I needed to build my personal relationships with the utmost care and effort. My professional career moves must be strategic and beneficial.   I know this approach isn’t the best for me, but I persist to use it.   So, why… Continue reading Reforming Patience and Self-Love

The Craft

When Your Brain Becomes the Unexpected Villain in Your Job Search

It was Tuesday morning and I already had three rejections from jobs that I applied to in the previous week.  The other fifteen, twenty, sixty jobs (I had honestly lost count) I had applied to over the past five months of job hunting had either rejected me or given me radio silence. I had been… Continue reading When Your Brain Becomes the Unexpected Villain in Your Job Search

Writer's Life

Lost, Searching, and Broke

Millennials are stereotyped into being spoiled brats who backpack anywhere and everywhere when they need to “rediscover” themselves.  They travel to distant lands and blog about philosophical things as they reflect on their lives up until that point.  They are the ones with the “selfies” and ‘#blessed’ on their photo with them standing on Machu… Continue reading Lost, Searching, and Broke