Writer's Life

Me, You, Step One, Step Two

I was on a stage with an eager audience watching my every move.  My heart raced inside my chest as I tried valiantly to remain composed.  A microphone was placed in front of me, as a pianist to my side was poised to begin.  Once the first chord of a pleasant melody reverberated over my… Continue reading Me, You, Step One, Step Two

Writer's Life

Stumbling Giraffes

I stumbled. I had gotten used to the consistent improvements in my mental and emotional health.  I was writing regularly.  Work was hardly a worry.  I was being more social and trying new things. Then the insomnia freight train hit me. I couldn’t sleep more than four hours a night.  Everything was irritating and the… Continue reading Stumbling Giraffes

Writer's Life

On Rekindling Passion

High school teaches us that our passions only matter when we can make money from them. University teaches us that our passions don’t matter because we can’t make money from them. Your life’s passion must be business-related, science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.  You have to do well in courses, take on as many internships as… Continue reading On Rekindling Passion

Writer's Life

Between Social Butterflies and Stony Professionals

I'm only a few months away from the end of my one-year temporary lab job.  A few more months of running around labs and meetings as if I'm training for the Boston marathon. Those same few months are the barrier between having income and being broke. Naturally, this means sending out volumes of job applications… Continue reading Between Social Butterflies and Stony Professionals

The Craft


It's no secret that I'm a worrier. If there are clouds in the sky and the meteorologist calls for no rain, I still carry around an umbrella.  I insistently ask if a sick loved one is okay throughout the day until they are better.  When I am asked about future decisions, I stutter my way… Continue reading Drifting

Writer's Life

The Reject Game

My cursor hovers over the “Submit” button and it takes all my willpower to click it.  I breathe a sigh of relief until it dawns on me that this was only the first hurdle. Days pass and I feel like dying.  The crushing uncertainty makes me stumble through my existence, hoping against hope that the… Continue reading The Reject Game