Goddess of the Labyrinth

There was once a girl who lived in the center of a labyrinth.

Hidden from the outside world, she was rumored to be a dark-haired beauty with wise eyes and adorned in many layers of exquisite robes. She would tend to the enchanted garden at the labyrinth’s center, and in return, the garden would care for her.

No one knew how the labyrinth or the girl came to be, let alone for how long both existed.

Most believe that the nameless girl was actually a goddess that was repenting some unholy crime and chose to reside in the labyrinth. Others thought that she was just a child that lost her way and the labyrinth took pity on her.

However, there was one thing that was certain: the labyrinth’s dislike for those with ill intentions for the nameless beauty. Such individuals were never heard from again once they had entered the labyrinth’s depths.