How to Tame Your Inner Anxious Decision Maker

It was a sunny day, and I was nearing the end of my fourth month of unemployment.   I had two job offers sitting in my email inbox.   Anxiety, excitement, bemusement coursed through me. While I loved the time I had for hobbies and freelancing, the prospect of a full-time job was attractive for … Continue reading How to Tame Your Inner Anxious Decision Maker

Channeling Your Inner Spontaneity

It was a Friday morning when my partner and I decided to shake up our routine. “Let’s go to Boston this weekend.” A single, definitive statement that spurred us into action. The repetitive day-to-day was getting to us. We were irritable, pessimistic, and stressed out. Much of it stemmed from our respective job statuses: him … Continue reading Channeling Your Inner Spontaneity