Beyond Reflection

Diary Entry #1

I’ve seen it again.

Just as I turn away, it flickers in my periphery.  It teases me, eludes me.

No one else has this problem.  If I ask my friends, they look at me like I’ve gone mad.

There.  Again.

A mirror should only reflect the self.  Yet, I see more than myself.  I see fields, trees, and foreign cities as fleeting wisps behind my reflection.  I see a woman who is not me, yet is me.

It is both frustrating and maddening.  Ignoring the issue hasn’t made it go away on its own.

Perhaps I’m falling into some sort of psychosis?

Diary Entry #2

I can feel eyes on me as I sleep.  I can feel them coming from the mirror across the bedroom.  My partner slumbers, and I’m jealous.

If I could only close my eyes and forget all of this, I would not be fighting my insomnia.

Those eyes still persist and I’m filled with dread.  Dread and anticipation for what may come next.

Diary Entry #3

After a couple weeks of sleeplessness, I break down and my partner tries to help to the best of his abilities.  I don’t remember much from the breakdown, except seeing that living room mirror fogged up with a smiley face drawn on the fog.  My partner claims that the mirror was its normal state and that I was laughing at nothing.

It’s time to see a psychologist.

Diary Entry #4

Paranoid schizophrenia.

Great, now I have a specific label to my madness.  My partner remains supportive but I cannot help but feel like I’m keeping him back with my psychosis.

The mirror beckons me again.  The drugs aren’t working and the world beyond these mirrors no longer remains in my periphery.

Maybe it’s time to disappear…

Diary Entry #5

She’s gone.  I saw with my own eyes.  She was falling through the mirror.  The police do not believe me and think I’m projecting.  But I saw her slip through.  I know what I saw.

I’m not crazy.

I’m…not crazy.