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Steeping Life: A Pause to Reflect

I come to you where you are.

A quiet corner in a bustling coffee shop. Submerged in blankets on your couch. On break from a stressful work day.

I sit with you as old friends do. We both have a cup of tea, coffee, or warm beverage of our preference. I curl up on my seat and we hold our treasured mugs. The warmth travels through our hands and we breath.

We do not speak to one another but our quiet camaraderie is live with conversation. A gesturing request for more sugar than you’re allowed to have per doctor’s orders. A frown when I shake my head. A small smile of understanding and gratitude.

We are taking the rare chance to just…be.

It’s hard.

Your mind races with all the things that still need to be done today, this evening, tonight. Did you remember to tell your boss that you have holiday time coming up? Is it you or your partner who is picking up your niece from camp?

My mind races too. Was this move across states the right choice? What do I really want to do if not continue with current day job?

We glance at one another at the same time.

It starts with a smile, a chuckle, puffed cheeks.

It ends with boisterous laughter and lungs begging for air. In that glance, in that moment, it matters not of these problems, these thoughts. They will be solved when they will be solved.

For now though?

We watch our cups and stare into the world. Both separate and part of it.

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