The Horizon, The Runaway Series

The Horizon

Wind bit my tear-stained cheeks. The forest path slowly morphed into a sandy silt.

The salty brine hit me before my eyes saw.

I had made it.

I broke through the tree line and found myself on a beach.

The beach stretched for miles to my left and right, with an endless ocean in front of me.

Just like in the old textbooks and travel catalogues I managed to snag before leaving the gilded city.

To my right were hollowed out structures of a small fishing village with a rotted pier jutting into the surf.

Idyllic. Something from a dream I half remembered.

Life existed beyond the gilded city, the wall, and the forest.

Even, perhaps, beyond the horizon I saw that day.

Then, and only then, did I finally found my deepest rest.

To be continued…in Breathe the Sky.

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