Girl with the Angelic Smile, Short Stories

Girl with the Angelic Smile

This piece was written back in my college days. Enjoy this dark romantic prose!

There was a girl
Maybe you have known her
Sat next to you in class
Eyes were so intent
On the lectures 
That have been long since forgotten

She would have been another face
Her plainness did not stand out
She had normal brown eyes and hair
Her skin a cream tone
Never wore anything eccentric 
Just a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers

She was captivated…

An air surrounded her
Calming, inviting, and trusting
Amongst the chaos of life
Her smile brought order to it all
Enveloping everyone in her presence 
With sincerity, compassion, and love

A true being from above…

Everyone on campus would come to her 
Since she listened to their woes
She would laugh with them
Cried with them
Meditate with them
Comfort them

A light in the darkness…

When she was sure there were no prying eyes
The sins in which she herself was bathed 
And human flaws exposed
You have seen her
Crying to the heavens in pain
Only to be rewarded with more anguish

But even the light flickers…

The truth sullied the form
Smiles band-aid the gaping wounds
Laughs replaced tears
Desperation to escape
Wanting to let go
Yet she stayed

…when faced with such a Fate…

You tried to help her
Show her she was not alone
That her hurt can be shared
That she should not be too selfish
To leave if she was not happy
But she pushed you away with her smile

…worry consumes…

Then that day came
You felt it
The moment you woke up
It encased your heart and gripped your soul
Dread, bad omens

But she was there, in class
Nothing out of the norm
A gentle smile on her lips
As she listened to the professor
She chuckled at your expression
Before returning to work

…all pain pushed behind a mask…

You had begun to think that it was nothing
That wild imagination took the reigns of reality
She was stronger than that
You told yourself repeatedly
Then your cellphone rang….   

It was her
You answered 
Sobs crackled in your ear
“H-help me…”
The phone went dead

…and all wrong is paid through denial…

Without any hesitation
You dropped everything
And ran to her
Heart pumping like a piston
Legs going faster and faster
Cold air stinging and stinging

Did not care…

She was the light of everyone’s world
Including your own
She could not…Could not…
Your hand wiped away
The tears freezing to your cheek

…about fading away…

And there she stood on the edge
Brown hair whipping in the wind
Obscuring most of her face 
You called her name
Begging her to come down
Her dull eyes only looked at you forlornly 

…but wanting to cry out…

At this moment, you reached out to her
Wanting more than anything to hold her
To comfort her
To laugh with her
To mediate with her
To love her…

…that confession…

You went on the edge with her
Her only response a stare
“If this world is so horrible,
If the pain is too much to bear,
If you are the light meant to dim
Then don’t be selfish and leave me behind…”

…of love… 

Your mind possessed
Hers twisted and demented
Falling into oblivion together
Such powerful an emotion
The ending that was of Fate’s wish

…before your last breath…

Who would be next
That I will fulfill their wish?

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