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Owning Up to Being a Short Storyist

I read a lot as a child. I still read a lot as an adult.

Most authors will tell you this is where they realized that they wanted to write a book. A novel that enraptures the reader and sends them on a journey that stays with them long after the last page.

I was the same for a time.

But the novels I would write would not really fall into what is popularly known as a novel. Mine were a collection of related stories within the same world. Or I manage to convey the entire story’s acts within ten thousand words.

It was frustrating. My natural writing style lent itself to being that of short stories, not novel writing. The writing advice was that short stories were for learning the craft. Some would even argue that short stories cannot stand on their own.

But the thing is, I am good at writing short stories. While I’m still learning my voice and elements of a story well told, the constant feedback I received was how I did not mince words in my works.

It’s affirming.

So yeah, writing a novel is probably going to be a life-long endeavor for me. It doesn’t make my short stories any less valid.

Are you owning up to your unique craft? Calling it as it is?

Let us know in the comments below!

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