Restart 2021 Series, Writer's Life

Restart: A Stream of Consciousness

“Restart” is the theme for January 2021. What does that mean? Posts for the month will try to answer this.

I don’t have a nicely formatted blog post for you this week. My thoughts escaped me as I try to grapple with current events and my own personal energy lows.

But I figured to post something anyway.

Even though it’s not perfect and will be completely unedited.

But that has to be fine, right? To show up even when things aren’t so polished?

When I thought of restarting this blog, I simply thought of trying to make something of a dream that was left long ago.

You see, there was a time that I wanted to be a storyteller, a person that teaches more than what was considered “modernity in practice.” Not an engineer, not a scientist, and certainly not doing technical stuff in the field.

I was, and in many respects, still, good at it. Teachers, parents, other adults would only see my above average math scores and science interest. How I was another kid that can provide society another example of their definition of success.

As everyone has experienced once they’ve reached a certain age, I wasn’t fulfilled and I’m certainly not content.

There is a certain privilege, for sure, to say this. And that can be a post on its own.

But I wanted to give you, my dear reader, context on why this blog exists as it does.

I restart, I resume, I carry on. I pick up where the dream was remembered and move it along. Just pauses, not truly being stopped or completed.

Kinda like us living in this world, huh?

We may get distracted. We may find something else that calls to us more. Another medium, another stage, another career. But in the end, there’s a part of us that gets pulled back to what comes naturally to us.

I tell stories because when I was a kid, that’s how I brought a smile to my mother’s face. It was how I could understand a world that was changing rapidly.

It was how I felt connected to the greater whole.

And it was fun.

Still is fun.

There are no wrong answers in storytelling. There are no right answers in storytelling. Stories exist as they are.

There’s no hard rule on when to begin, when to end, when to start again. There are guides, yes. There are bestseller author’s advices.

But they’re really optional.

Just as the stories we tell ourselves change, so can the rules.

So yeah, I will restart as many times as needed. Take each time I pause to look and see if this is what really sings to me.

And so far?

Each time has been a resounding ‘yes.’

What do you think? A topic you want me to cover? Leave a comment below!

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