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Hindsight 2020: 2 Intentions to Carry Forward

This is the third, and final part, of a three-part blog series covering my reflections on this year, 2020.
To read the first part: Hindsight 2020: 4 Bright Spots in a Transformative Year.
To read the second part: Hindsight 2020: 3 Things to Leave Behind.


I’m not a New Year’s resolution person.

I have a hard time pinpointing what goal would matter most. And, the resolutions I had done usually end up abandoned by the end of February.

I get intimidated by having these high hopes and the very real possibility of falling short. It’s not a good feeling but a common one, nonetheless.

Since this year (and for me, the past few years) pushed me through the process of reinventing the self, I figured why not throw caution to the wind and start small.

2 Intentions to Carry Forward

Savor Blue Hours and Late Nights

I had woken up to a sight similar to this when I went camping in September 2020. It was quiet save for the deer roaming about in the deeper parts of the wood. Image by Peggy Choucair from Pixabay

Early mornings are hard, especially on weekdays where I need to go to work.

All I can focus on is my agenda for the day and how much time I can squeeze out of me before the inevitable crash. Then, I am left with trying to catch up with things that happened once I’m off the clock.

But why was I doing this, dragging myself to each day with the enthusiasm of stale bread?

I know why, but that is another post in itself.

I need to disconnect and come back to myself.

So on those mornings before the commute and those evenings before bedtime, I’ll take a warm cup of tea and just be present. Forget what will happen and what has happen.

Just be.

I’m looking forward to how this may change my mindset towards the day.

New Words, New Expressions

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When I was a child, I would take a book and open it to a random page. The first word I saw that I didn’t recognize, I’d try to pronounce it and decipher its meaning without looking it up.

There was a certain joy to playing with these words.

Synonyms have the same meaning but give different connotations. Words that sound benign but are defined with malicious underpinnings. Adopted words used in the opposite meaning than the language of their origin.

I miss it.

So it’s time to bring it back. That awe and experimenting fervor that I had those years ago.

What Are Your Intentions For 2021 and Beyond?

If there is anything I hope we all take away from this year, I want it to be that life is too short. We take tomorrow for granted and we forget to live in the now. There are people who posted on their social accounts a year ago how much they can’t wait to celebrate this year’s holidays who are no longer here.

Instead of making another New Year’s resolution, try making a New Year’s intention.

If you wish, feel free to share in the comments below what your intentions are for the new year.

What do you think? A topic you want me to cover? Leave a comment below!

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