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16 Months and a Cat Later…

One moment, please. I need to get rid of the cobwebs and dust that have settled in the lounge since my unexpected hiatus…

About an hour later…

So hello, hi. Sorry for the wait. You wouldn’t believe the year I had since this blog went dead. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein whenever I resurrect this place to life.

Please, take a seat. Would you like some tea? No? I guess I can get a move on with this then.

So why did I drop this after writing posts about time management and prioritizing?

Honestly, I needed the break.

I started a new job as a technical writer that I’ve now been in for just over a year. That’s been a ride on its own. My partner and I moved residences and needed to work on some things in the background. We got a lovely cat named Paya who insists on being worshiped whenever we’re not feeding her.

Don’t get me started with all the travelling I did in 2019 alone. Visits to the hometown, work trip to Copenhagen followed by a chaotic 48 hours in London, a spooky Halloween in New Orleans…

It’s been a busy 16 months.

But it’s been an informative 16 months too. I’ve been able to zoom in on things that really matter to me.

One of them is making writing (and contributing to the community) a priority again.

So expect to see monthly posts (maybe even more) from here on.

…even if I need to do some cleaning maintenance from time to time.

Thanks for following and have a wonderful 2020!

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