2018: Year of Rapid Change, Writer's Life

The Art of Existing

Sun rays barely peeked over the horizon when I awakened to a new day. A steady breeze rustled the leaves of the tree by the bedroom window. Nary a cloud in sight in the foreground of a blue sky.

I closed my eyes, taking in the quiet and stillness of the morning for a moment longer.

Eventually, I became restless and left my bed in a lethargic state. There was no rush or concern.

I only existed in the present.


It isn’t hard to get caught up in the fast-paced momentum that is our world today. Jobs demand stellar performance. Financial and social obligations require our attention. Family and friends need our support. The never-ending news cycle keeps us informed on the ongoings of our world and never gives us a break.

Everyone runs on this fear of missing out (otherwise known as FOMO) that we’re actually missing out on another important thing.

We’re missing out on ourselves.

When was the last time you settled in for a good book or creative exercise? Do you remember a recent time you had disconnected from everything and take time to just be?

Chances are you’re having a hard time finding the memory.

Yes, it’s important to handle your business. Yes, your job needs you mentally present to get it done. Yes, you want to be there for your loved ones.

However, you also need to be there for you too.

I savor the days I wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. I’m attuned with the world around me. I’m present only in that sliver of time. Worries of the day and regrets of yesterday haven’t crept into my psyche.

I simply exist.

A fleeting feeling that carries throughout the rest of my day, no matter how trying it may become.

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