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Taking it Easy: A Week Being Sick

My productivity was at a low point this past week. Sure, I got my minimums in (submitting job applications and online coursework), but the things I wanted to do this week are still on my To-Do List.

Why? Because I was (and still am) sick.

Amidst family visits and going out with friends, I ended up with a sinus infection that then turned into laryngitis.

At least I was writing daily this week.


Being sick forced me to slow down.

Anyone who has been sick before is familiar with the ever-present fatigue. Your thoughts aren’t as clear as your head feels like it’s replaced with cotton. You may fight against your sleepiness to get work done but, in the end, you wake up hours later.

I had to accept that I couldn’t get as many tasks because my body needed time to heal. I would squeeze as much work into 15-20 minutes as possible before another fit or sleeping spell.

It was tough.

By Friday, I used that day and the next to rest as much as I could.


I had to rethink how to handle being sick in the future.

As this is a personal blog, I do not have posts that I can just publish when I can’t write a post for whatever reason. I prefer having a stack of ideas to consult but mostly write any big reflections from my week. This is the same for other work and projects I have on-going.

Being sick for so long (a week!) delayed or pushed things to the last-minute. That kind of stress does not help in the recovery process.

When I’m more recovered, I’d look into making “buffers” and work it into my workflow.


It forced me to think about my self-care.

I don’t have a self-care routine. I usually take 10 minutes quiet time as my self-care but it may not be enough. I would admit that I was stressed these past couple of weeks because of social obligations and my extended unemployment.

In the past, being stressed was a large contributing factor to why I became sick. If a self-care routine would improve my stress management and reduce the times I got sick, it may be worth exploring.


Taking things slow and easy may not always win the race, but it gives some peace of mind.

What do you think? A topic you want me to cover? Leave a comment below!

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