Writer's Life

Creating Legacy

Knocking on the front door in the light rain, my hands gripped the small violin case tightly. I bit my bottom lip and shifted uneasily.


Was this the right thing to do?

My mom bought this for me when I was learning. Would she be okay with me giving it away?

Am I okay with giving it away?


The door opened and there stood my dad with a huge grin on his face. Despite everything, I was still surprised that he can smile as he did.


He ushered me into the house and my stepmom greeted me with a hug. They asked about the drive home and how my significant other was doing. I barely got out any answer when I heard a happy shout and felt a child-size torpedo attaching herself to my leg.

My baby sister.


Looking down at her, I knew I had made up my mind.


It was a small thing and I had grown out of it. Free time dwindled as I had employment woes and adult obligations. Not to mention that I now have a violin that fits my size.


“Hey munchkin, I’ve got something for you.”


It was time to let it go.



That day, I may have created a legacy to be passed down through the next generations. Maybe that violin will be something held dear by our descendants and someone will remember us after our time has passed.


I gave that violin as a representation of what I wanted for my baby sister and what my mother wanted for me: to have an appreciation for music and the freedom of choice.


It carries a hope that she can carve out a path for herself on her own terms.


What do you think of legacies? Do they hold you back or empower you?

Let me know in the comments below.




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