Writer's Life

Homecoming Drains

Nearly three years ago, I had enough of my hometown.


I had recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and I wasn’t having much luck in obtaining suitable employment. . If you knew the right person, you could have a fulfilling career without leaving. If you knew the wrong people, however, you will be stuck flipping burgers no matter your educational level. I was unlucky enough to be in a city that network and socioeconomic background worked together, whether for your benefit or detriment.


I knew I had to leave.


So I applied for graduate school away from my hometown and left shortly after acceptance.


All of a sudden, the social network back home was shocked that I moved away. They insisted that I come and visit them often.


Holidays, funerals, weddings, and miniature family reunions became VIP events when I went home to visit. Everyone wanted to see me and I was only there for a limited time until the next visit.


It was absolutely draining.


I’m not referring to traveling or the jumping from one event to the next.


Being in my hometown, in general, is a drain.


I have met wonderful, engaging people where I currently live. I have experienced new things that I wouldn’t have if I had stayed in my hometown.  It is here where I learned and continue to grow into myself. It was here where I started letting myself say ‘No’ to things that could hold me back. Most importantly, though, is the difference in atmosphere.


Where my hometown was isolated with an overbearing social network and limited opportunities, my current city is open and full of possibilities.


Back home, I was a pessimist, but here, I can finally visualize a better future for myself.


Instead of just surviving, I’m finally living each day.


If the occasional draining visit is the price to pay for that, then that’s a small price to pay indeed.

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