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On Rekindling Passion

High school teaches us that our passions only matter when we can make money from them.

University teaches us that our passions don’t matter because we can’t make money from them.

Your life’s passion must be business-related, science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.  You have to do well in courses, take on as many internships as possible, and sacrifice whatever semblance of peace you possess.  What if you want to write content or stories? Well, you better prepare to be destitute and broke until you die and only then your works might be appreciated.

Post-university life?

It is what you make it out to be.

Far too often, twenty-somethings are caught between our passions and others’ expectations.  We want to be more creative, innovative, and community-oriented.  However, it is hard to incorporate these things into our “adulting” jobs that we have solely to pay off student loans or other debt.  Those of us that can take the deep dive into their passions are fortunate and few.

I’m not asking any twenty-something to go out and become the next CEO of a fast-growing company.  One, that would undermine the idea of not taking others’ expectations as fact of life.  Two, not everyone can pitch a new, patented idea and have it succeed.

No, all I’m asking is for you to think about what your passion is and how you can fit it into an hour or two a week.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Write about your day for fifteen minutes here, take photographs of a landscape there, volunteer at the local animal shelter down the street… It adds up over time and you’ll be much better for it.

So what if you can’t make a living doing what you love? Don’t let it stop you from stroking that ember of passion into a burning flame.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe, your passion and your living will eventually become one and the same.

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