Writer's Life

Lost, Searching, and Broke

Millennials are stereotyped into being spoiled brats who backpack anywhere and everywhere when they need to “rediscover” themselves.  They travel to distant lands and blog about philosophical things as they reflect on their lives up until that point.  They are the ones with the “selfies” and ‘#blessed’ on their photo with them standing on Machu Picchu.


…and then there is me, surviving on dwindling savings, unemployed (my career adviser says to call myself a “job seeker”), and have no idea how to proceed with the rest of my life.  I would love to jump on a plane to ‘exotic’ lands and mediate with Tibetan monks, but I don’t have the luxury.


Instead, with all this free time, I’ve taken up brain-dumping my anxiety-ridden thoughts with a heavy dose of snarky one-liners.  Mediation for me is passing out for a nap and dreaming about weird combinations of reality.  Reflective moments are in between job applications and neighbors blasting music at odd times of the day.


My city may not be the Himalayas or the safari, but writing honestly is helping me piece together the accumulation of my existence.  From this, maybe I will find a place where I belong and a purpose worth living.

What do you think? A topic you want me to cover? Leave a comment below!

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