Writer's Life

Meaning Behind the Name

One of the most frustrating aspects when I start any creative project is finding the right name.

The process is about a trillion times more difficult for myself, since I usually don’t know where I’m going with any creative project at first.  I would give myself a broad goal or outline, before diving into the details.

In the case of this blog, my goal is to be semi-personal, while relaying tough issues for the “emerging adult” in today’s world.  So, I knew that its name had to have a special meaning to myself, as well as others.

…but what should it be…?

Then I recalled a conversation with a friend about how we would see each other’s brains.  He told me that he saw my brain as a busy lounge, with many beanbags and people from different backgrounds exchanging so many ideas.

Liking the idea, I had “The Lounge.”  However, it was annoyingly generic and did not say a thing about myself!

So I decided to research my birthstones and their meanings.  I was elated to find the December blue stone called Lapis Lazuli and its many uses over the ages of human history.  It is also known to promote wisdom and insight, along with enhancing understanding the inner-self.

Given the its history and legend, it coincided with my goal for this blog and let knowledgeable readers know my birth month!

…and thus, how the nameless blog became The Lapis Lounge.

What do you think? A topic you want me to cover? Leave a comment below!

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